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Foods You Should Not Give to Your Cat

shutterstock_90924467Before you fill your cat’s bowl with scraps from the table, read this. Your cat might gobble up a glob of fat from the steak you just ate or some tuna fish, but human food is not healthy for him. While humans might feel that there is no harm getting a cat foods that they eat, particularly because they notice that feral cats eat human food, cat food is really the only good food for cats. An important rule to remember is not to give your cats human food. There are some exceptions in moderate amounts and only for treats, but in general, your kitty’s cat food contains all of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.  If you must once in a while splurge and give your cat some leftovers, keep in mind that there are some human foods you should never give your cat and other things only rarely.

Everyone knows that cats just love tuna. After all, it might be impossible to find any cat food brand that doesn’t have least one tuna flavor. Your cat might lick its chops when it sees you making a tuna sandwich and seems ready to jump all over you after you finished eating it. While it is true that cats do love tuna it doesn’t seem to love them back. There are cat owners who have the terrible mistake giving their cats a steady diet can tuna. This could create a variety of problems, including malnutrition and mercury poisoning. You may be able to give your cat a bit of tuna once in a while as a treat, but be careful with canned fish.

You also may wonder why raw meat should not be given to cats. Their food, after all, is made of meat. The meat and cat food is prepared in a way that it is digestible for felines, and there is a danger that the cat might leave some in his bowl only to come back later and eat something that is filled with bacteria. Another misconception is that cats respond well to milk. They might enjoy it and lap it up, but most cats are lactose intolerant and cannot handle cow’s milk. You might observe the cat enjoying the milk, but there are plenty of lactose intolerant humans who enjoy the taste of ice cream before the symptoms kick in later on.

While you might give your dog some bones, cats can choke on bones. Raw fish can destroy a cat’s ability to absorb thiamine. In the category of things absolutely never to give a cat are caffeine and chocolate. These can be fatal and can create tremors and seizures.

Your cat might seem interested in what you’re eating, but it is a good idea to feed your cat before yourself.  This is not only a nice thing to do but can help you avoid the temptation of giving in to your cat’s desire to eat food that isn’t good for it. Sticking to the basic rule of only giving cat food will help you avoid problems created with human food.

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