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Happy Bengal Cat No Longer Has to Give up Her Babies

Snow bengal cats are rare. Backyard breeders had forced Felicity to produce kittens taking them from her at an early age.
When Tiny Kittens rescued her from a backyard breeder they knew that she was in bad condition.
We can’t explain how angry we get when we hear about people trying to profit from animal abuse. There is no place in this world for people who harm beautiful creatures all in the name of money. When Tiny Kittens rescued her from a backyard breeder they knew that she was in bad condition. With a bad case of anxiety, fleas, ear mites, tapeworms, a serious upper respiratory infection, and tapeworms, her babies were in danger of not making it.
Although it looked like she could miscarry the two babies made it.
There isn’t a moment where she isn’t cuddling them or nursing them. She won’t ever have to let them go and she seems to know it.
Not only does she love her kittens she is super friendly towards people and even seems to like cats and dogs.
When it’s nap time she holds on tight and wraps her paws around the kittens
making sure they are always by her side.
All that love has melted onto the kittens who seem to be just as loving as Felicity and are totally inseparable.
A woman fell in love with all three and gave them a forever home now they will never be separated!
Credit to Tiny Kittens for this story.
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