Tips to Avoid Litterbox Issues

Ever since the times of the ancients, cats have been admired by humans for their tendency toward neatness. Jewish sages noted that if personal hygiene had not been commanded, people would have learned to maintain a clean environment by watching how a cat behaves. Not only do cats give themselves baths, but they have an instinct to cover their feces no matter where they are. Many people decide to have cats rather than dogs because they are low maintenance pets in this respect, and do not need to be taken outside to go to the bathroom.

However, once in a while, there may be a cat that has a problem going to the bathroom in the litterbox. This is unusual behavior, so don’t assume that this is normal for your cat. If you have just adopted a kitten, it may be that the feline is unaccustomed to the new place or is intimidated by the litterbox. Cats can be fearless when they pounce on objects, but they can also seem suddenly frightened for no reason. You might notice that your cat may jump on your socks and attack them, but jump back in terror when confronted with your crocs. If you have purchased a new litterbox or have a new cat, it could be that he or she is actually intimidated by the litterbox.



If your cat seems uncomfortable with their litterbox, you should consider whether it is the box itself that the cat doesn’t like or the location. Keep in mind that cats are territorial animals, and they can often be picky about where things are. This is especially true if there is an addition to the family, a new pet or a move to a new house. When there is a change of this nature, a cat has to reorient himself to adjust to it. Take hints from your cat about areas of the house where he or she feels the most comfortable, and consider putting the litterbox there.

Many people feel that cats enjoy privacy, and this is the reason special litterbox with lids have been developed. These lids form small compartments that allow your cat shelter while they go to the bathroom. The lidded litterbox may be designed to fulfill a human need rather than a cats. This is because cats don’t need absolute privacy to go to the bathroom. Humans may like to be shielded from the soiled cat litter, but it may be advisable to check and change the litter more often and remove the lid if the lid seems to be causing problems for the cat.

Another reason a cat may not be making it to the litterbox may be due to health issues. Arthritis makes getting in and out of a box difficult for cats, and they may go to the bathroom on the floor. In addition, a cat with bladder problems may have severe incontinence and may urinate wherever they are. If you suspect either of these problems, it is essential to take your cat to a veterinarian right away.

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