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What Should You Feed Your Cat

You adopted a new kitty or maybe you have had a cat companion for quite a while, and it’s time to think about the issue out how to feed your feline. The answer to this question is simple– cat food. It may sound like a cheeky answer, but it is an absolutely sincere one because many people think it is fine to feed cats human foods as long as it is the type classically associated with things cats like. While there are a few human foods that can be used as occasional treats, and pet owner should be very careful about which ones, giving your cat regular cat food is essential for your pet’s good health.

You may have questions about what kind of cat food to buy. Some owners swear by dry food while others consider wet food superior. The ideal approach to take is probably the mean between the two extremes or rather a blending of both. Many cat owners mix dry and wet food together during meal times to give their cat the benefit of both kinds of foods. Dry food tends to have a lot of carbohydrates, but it is also rich in protein. This kind of food is fine for younger cats, but older cats need some dry food as roughage and to promote dental health. Wet food is high in protein, and as the name suggests, contains more moisture.


13kitties-never-give-foodCats who have weight problems or are older need a higher protein diet, but they also need to promote dental health by chewing food. Pet owners who have been told by the veterinarians to concentrate on wet food because of the protein and provides can give dental treats to their cats to keep their teeth healthy. In short, the kind of food you choose for your cat depends on its age, weight, any health issues it might have and finally, its preference. After all, if your cat won’t eat the food in the first place, thinking of the benefit the food provides is beside the point. However it isn’t unheard of for cats to be converted to eating certain kinds of foods, but they are notoriously finicky, and it is worthwhile to stick to a certain kind of food if the cat likes it.

Unlike human beings, cats and thrive on a relatively limited diet of meat and sometimes fish. Cats do not need to eat vegetables and contrary to popular belief, should not consume dairy. Therefore, it may seem boring, but giving a typical wet and dry combination every day with a few treats for good behavior, or to help improve dental health is the best kind of diet for a cat.

Although veganism is becoming quite popular, it should under no circumstances be tried with cats. Even if you can’t make your cat into a vegetarian, health-conscious pet owners may decide to purchase natural cat food. If you buy this natural cat food in a regular supermarket, keep in mind the word “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean the ingredients are natural any more that the word “gourmet” on a cat food label means that the contents earned the James Beard Award. Check the labels and make sure your cat is getting the nutrition it needs, but try not to be impressed by the hype in the advertising or even on the can. After all, no one can convince your cat that is food taste good if it doesn’t think so.

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