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Yoga With Your Cat- Yes It Is For real!



With the popularity of Yoga at an all time high it’s only natural cat yoga was next. We think it’s an outstanding idea! Why not have our furry friends enjoy the zen as we do. It has been proven through various studies that yoga improves your sense of self and often reduces anxiety and counteracts depression. While trying to focus on breathing and relaxation may seem simple, having a cat present can be callenging but students say so much more fun.




In Georgia, a no kill cats rescue decided to begin offering cat yoga. They selected some of their most charming and friendly cats and parter them up with visitors looking to become cat moms and dad’s.

Good Mews also offers a reading program for kids to read to the cats, which encourages kids to read and gives the cats some much-needed affection. The center is also gearing up for a “Meows & Meowmosas Valentine’s Brunch” on Feb. 12, where attendees can sip nonalcoholic mimosas, eat homemade treats and mingle with the center’s cats; per Good Mews’ website: “It’s our own version of a Cat Cafe — Valentine style!” The cats at Good Mews love the yoga program, Good Mews board of directors and marketing chair Nancy Riley said. “The cats love that the humans are on the floor with them, and they also love the calm environment, soft music, and dim lighting.” According to Riley, cat yoga has been hugely popular — with classes costing just $20 that are full of cuddly cats, it’s no wonder why. 

Cat yoga is now official! So the next time you think about heading out to hit the mat- bring your fur baby along and share some zen time!



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